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Implementation of knowledge management practices

Why and when:
Your experts are so busy, they have no time to invent new stuff, do the right things and teach people what to do. If they win the lottery, you will be in a big trouble. 80% of company knowledge is located in 20% of heads. You grow so fast, that more and more companies want to do business with you, but they have issues with understanding your solution.

What you get:
Processes, tools, people, skills and trainings which will help you to distribute and maintain your business knowledge, technical and business content, training materials and services. Instructions how to sell knowledge internally and externally.

First of all we help you realize how much knowledge you have in your company, how isolated it is, and how important. Secondly, we show you how you can save and make money based on this knowledge. Last but not least – your employees will finally understand your business and their impact on it.

Why us:
Do you know any other company offering such kind of service?

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