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Process assessment and definition

Why and when:
Your customer base and company grows fast and the quality of your products become more and more important. It’s time to introduce a systematic approach to software validation and verification.

What you get:
SWAT analysis of your current organization, proposed structure of your teams and processes, examples, new process definitions and templates.

We meet with all key members of your team, organize them into working groups, help them to understand their business goals and build processes which are mature enough, but not heavy as those taken literally from the books. It’s your job and your responsibility, we help you achieve your goals quickly and without additional overhead and endless discussions.

Why us:
We have years of experience in various SW companies,  we learned what needs to be done to make the software the right way, but most importantly, we learned what is not needed. Don’t waste your time, let us tell you how to use your resources effectively, no matter if you prefer to use Agile or Waterfall.

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