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API documentation

Why and when:
You want more and more people to integrate with your solution through the API you provided. Number of third-party applications that use your interface grows too slowly, and people don’t know how to use it, or they use it incorrectly.

What you get:
Auto-generated reference information for self-studying is not enough. We provide an interactive course, which is engaging and helpful, but still technical enough to give developers some fun. It may consist of an overview, a quick start section, tutorials and code examples.

We use your developers’ knowledge and tools; ask them for advice, feedback, examples, and testing. But then, we filter it to make it more user-friendly. Readers are outside of your organization, they don’t know everything your people do. That’s why you need technical writers.

Why us:
We know your audience comes from the development world. They are specific and they need a specific approach.

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