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Knowledge base creation

Why and when:
Your support team is overloaded with calls and relatively easy questions. Your solution end users are quite inventive and the product is flexible enough to give them the possibility to experiment. You want to shorten feedback loop between customers and product management.

What you get:
Structured, searchable repository of knowledge, where your partners and customers can find best practices and solutions for their problems either by looking at different types of documentation, asking one of your experts, or through discussion with other users. This is also the place where they can learn about your roadmap, new features and functionalities. If they come up with a new idea on how to enhance the product, they can raise it there, too.

How: Knowledge is already present in your company. We do an inventory, classification and put it into structure. What is the best structure? The initial one will be created based on best standards, interviews with your customers, and info from your support team. It’s a live database, but if we start correctly, it will grow naturally and be easier to maintain.

Why us:
First results will be visible immediately and with small cost. Less is more, and usually enough.

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