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Product and solution training

Why and when:
Your customers and partners need to learn how to use your products and solutions, so you deliver the required training in a rather ad hoc manner, often involving your best consultants, who at the same time may not be the best of trainers. They prepare training materials by themselves and don’t share it with others. As a result, only one/few people in the whole company can deliver training for a particular customer, partner or solution.

What you get:
Packaged and productized training – professional and standardized training materials, together with training process and rules which you can use to plan, deliver, track, and improve your trainings. Training descriptions and benefits, materials assigned to appropriate roles and levels, training surveys. Training might take the form of classic in-class sessions, e-learning, videos, or a combination of the above.

We prepare an inventory of all your available trainings and subject matter experts, and in parallel identify your potential trainees and their profiles.

Why us:
Finally, you get additional revenue stream – you can sell your trainings together with your products, services and solutions – this is a quite profitable business when done the right way. We know how to make it profitable.

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