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Product documentation

Why and when:
Your products have “some” documentation, because “they have to be documented”, but nobody knows who uses these documents, or how. Or you provide no documentation at all. At the same time, people inside and outside of your company try to use your products to build complicated solutions. Your support team gets hundreds of calls with questions about relatively basic stuff.

What you get:
Purposeful, useful and searchable product documentation which may consist of e.g.: installation guides, implementation guides, administration guides, manuals, on-line helps, webpages, videos, and more.

We sit together with you to understand the business case and evaluate the real need for having the product documentation. As soon as we identify target audience we ask them what they really need and how they would like to have it delivered. Based on this information we help you to build your documentation repository.

Why us:
We don’t create documents without business purpose – if you don’t need some kinds of documentation – we tell you about it immediately and you save money and resources. On the other hand – we build documentation which is most needed first – to maximize value and save time for next tasks.

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