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Accessibility Audit - WCAG

Why and when:
You want to take the first step into making your system or app accessible and WCAG compliant. The project has to be quick and cost effective. Beside the formal accessibility declaration you would like to see real business improvements as a result of more users being able to use your products or services.

What you get:
Detailed report highlighting all vulnerabilities against WCAG standard. Each issue is mapped to specific WCAG criterion and described from the end user perspective. Separate summary is created for the mobile part of your solution. If required, the report will also highlight potential issues related to local (country-specific) regulations.

Before we go through our detailed checklist, we look for information about your system's purpose and audience, to make the validation as much practical as possible. Depending on the business context standard discrepancies may have different priority for you. Then we go through all WCAG requirements and classify each of them as Passed, Failed or N/A. All issues can be recorded in your bug tracking system. Optionally we can provide suggestions on how to fix the problems found.

Why us:
We approach compliance pragmatically - our goal is not only to make you certified but also improve end users perspective and increase your business metrics. There is no point in getting to AA level where level A is still not achieved - most impact can be achieved within a few days and reasonable budget. This service works best when combined with real user accessibility testing, which we can also organize for you.

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