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Performance and Reliability monitoring

Why and when:
Your business relies on your IT systems - web pages, web services, API endpoints must be available 24x7, stable and efficient. You integrate with other systems and have to constantly monitor performance on both sides, predict incoming problems and react immediately in case of issues. You would like to see how your visitors are using your applications and be able to identify users that are having issues with your system.

What you get:
Customized dashboard showing you real time indicators of your system's performance and reliability, available in the cloud. Configurable notifications and alerts delivered to your phone, email or notification system. We also offer constant monitoring on your behalf and can act as your Performance Guardian.

We can configure either commercial or free tools for your needs - depending on your technology stack and budget. Monitoring can cover uptime, number of users, page size, throughput, servers resource utilization, transactions and services, and many other parameters, including Real User Monitoring and other metrics highly customized for your needs. 

Why us:
We can set it up for any technology pretty fast. Everybody has budget limitations - we understand that and make sure that your monitoring system performs well and reliable also from a financial perspective.

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