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Real user accessibility testing - visual impairment

Why and when:
You expect that your system or mobile app will be used by people with visual impairments. Chances are high as visual disabilities impact up to 5% of the population, and for the elderly (over-70s) even more than 10%. You want to be compliant with accessibility standards. You produce a mass-market product and treat accessibility as one of the differentiators and a revenue booster.

What you get:
A detailed and structured exploration of your product by a visually impaired end-user, using the most popular assistive tools on the market. An on-site workshop or video showing how our tester is using your product utilizing a desktop computer, a smartphone and wearable accessories. A report highlighting critical issues, listing all identified defects and proposing improvements. A much better understanding how visually disabled end-users use your solution every day.

Our test is completely end-to-end. We start by looking for information about your system online, go through the installation, help system, use of all available paths, support and troubleshooting, to uninstallation. All activities are recorded together with the corresponding issues and suggestions. After a few iterations of improvements your product can be safely recommended for visually impaired users.

Why us:
We have unique combination of experiences - 20 years of professional testing and 20+ years of coping with not really accessible products and technologies. It means that your system will be validated by best fitted users - visually-impaired testers. People without limitations cannot fully simulate them. When we add to this our deep understanding of software architectures, SDLC and technologies - you get not only list of issues, but also hints how to fix them.

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