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Test tools evaluation and implementation

Why and when:
You are looking for tools which will work best for your needs. You are getting a lot of marketing offers (each of them is “best on the market”), and ideas from your team (each of them is a modern open source cool tool), but it is difficult to evaluate which of them is a best fit for your products and processes.

What you get:
Objective comparison based on the only right criteria – your criteria. Prove of concept (POC) focused entirely on your priorities. Pilot project followed up by final report. Maximum information from minimum investment. Suggestions how to improve the process to make it more effective.

We will involve you in all proof of concept activities – to really check whether the tool is right for your product, process and people. Whatever you choose shouldn’t be implement everywhere at the same time. We will start with the pilot, learn from it and move forward according to the plan.

Why us:
We saw it failing so many times… we don’t want to see it again. We know that it is just a tool – not a goal.

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