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Content strategy

Why and when:
You already realized that content is one of your key assets and clear vision and strategy is needed to capitalize on it.

What you get:
Coherent approach to the creation, delivery, and maintenance of useful and usable content with proposed plan of action covering processes, skills, tools and technologies. Thanks to content strategy we define you will be able to limit the cost of content creation and translation, tighten the feedback loop from customers and end users, easily manage your technical writing staff and possibly generate additional revenue from trainings.

We start from asking about your business goals and target audience and then deconstruct it down to the communication channels and final products. At the same time we assess your organization to check what type of content is produced by whom and why, and why they are so disconnected.

Why us:
We are experienced in both the old-school (class-room training, conferences, printed documents, www, etc.) and latest-greatest (e-learning, webinars, social media, mobile devices, etc.) approaches and we know how to find which one works best for you.

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