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Documentation management

Why and when:
You need to document your product or you already do it, but want to put more structure into it. You know what kind of documentation you need, but don’t have time, resources or skills to deliver them in the most cost-effective way.

What you get:
Dedicated team of technical communication professionals who will plan, estimate, design, create and deliver this kind of content documentation which works best for your purpose - user guides, on-line helps, mobile application helps, knowledge bases, release notes, procedures, reports, training materials, e-learnings, presentations, webinars, specifications, proposals, reports.

Experienced manager will propose the plan of action and after your approval will drive all activities to the final delivery. We learn your product, meet your subject matter experts, plan, design and write the documentation and test it at the end.

Why us:
We look at your documentation process from a bigger perspective and create only things which make sense. Less is more. But we are not done until you said we are.

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