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Docker - test environments containerization

  • iconLength: 8 hours
  • iconFormat: Classroom/on-line
  • iconInstructor: Adrian Gonciarz
  • iconLanguages: PL/EN

This course serves as a practical introduction to work with Docker tool, with major emphasis on possible applications in software tester duties.

It is designed to introduce you to the topics of working with Docker images and most importantly - show and teach practical application of this tool in tester’s and programmer’s everyday work (but not only!). The workshop guides participants from the simple idea of containerization (without superfluous theory) through preparing self-made images right to the final part of building a simple environment composed of a server and automatic tests suite, all run via single command.

The course is geared towards the maximization of practical skills in such a way participants should be able to automate the process of creating, configuring and running test environments and automated test suites on their own from the very next day.

  1. Docker images basic
    • Dockerfile, image, container
    • DockerHub
    • Images management
  2. Containers
    • From the image to container
    • Working with running containers
    • Stopping containers
    • Startup parameters (port mapping, names, disk volumes, networks)
  3. Dockerfile
    • Base image
    • Syntax and keywords
    • Building images
    • Making your own server image
  4. Docker Compose
    • YAML syntax
    • Composition starting and stopping
    • Networks
    • Building images using Docker Compose
    • Overriding image configuration
    • Single image run with Docker Compose
  5. Test containerization
    • Simple tests run against server container
    • Making your own automated test image
    • Running tests image using environment variables
  6. Test environment setup
    • Tests and server image in Docker Compose file
    • Cross-image addressing
    • Generating reports
    • Startup order
    • Running full environment and generating report
  7. Common problems and tricks

It’s dedicated for people eager to learn modern methods of environment virtualization and TestOps matters. We assume that attendees are already familiar with:

  • UNIX/Linux systems - basic commands, simple bash scripts
  • test automation in Java or/and Python on basic level
  • REST API communication
  • Git

Target audience: Software testers, QA Engineers, Programmers, DevOps.

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