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Performance testing using k6

  • iconLength: 3 days
  • iconFormat: Classroom/on-line
  • iconInstructor: Sławomir Radzymiński
  • iconLanguages: PL/EN

Practical introduction to performance testing using k6 tool.

During this workshop you will go from analysis of tested app through writing your own performance tests in JavaScript to report creation and analysis.

At the end of this 24-hours long training you will be able to define stratego for your performance tests, write your own scripts in JavaScript, choose the right metrics, analyze reports and provide valuable information to business and management.
  1. Basic intro to software performance
    • Definition of performance tests
    • Types of performance testing
    • Risk connected with late performance issues discovery
    • Basic performance testing metrics
    • Design and setup of performance tests Metodologia i setup testów wydajnościowych
    • Statistical tools used in performance analysis
  2. Application setup
    • Starting the project
    • Architecture of system tested (Java application created in Spring Boot available through REST API)
    • How to run the project and tests together
  3. Writing performance tests using k6 and JavaScript
    • k6 and Node - project setup (TypeScript, Babel i Webpack)
    • Working with static test data - *.json or *.csv
    • Generating random test data
    • Recording and reusing values from HTTP responses (e.g. JWT token)
    • Requests checking
    • Traffic profiling
    • Cleaning test data
    • Performance test report analysis
  4. Advanced topics
    • Performance requirements definition
    • Functional and non-functional assertions
    • Load balancer and its importance in context of performance testing
    • SLIs, SLAs, SLOs
    • Introducing clear performance metrics, reporting to business and management

This workshop is aimed at software testers with foundamental test automation experience in functional or performance areas. It requires the basic knowledge of programming (ideally in JavaScript) and practical usage of docker compose to setup and run test environment.

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