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Python for Testers and Technical Writers

  • iconLength: 2 days
  • iconFormat: Classroom/on-line
  • iconInstructor: Adrian Gonciarz
  • iconLanguages: PL/EN
Python is becoming more and more popular language of choice for testers and technical writers when they need programming tool in everyday’s work. As practitioners with strong background in software testing and documentation we’d like to teach you how to use Python as your go-to platform in everyday work. We will start from scratch and gradually build up to speed by showing you how to use programming environment, work with variables and logic, write methods and classes, neatly organize your code in the project and debug. We profess a “less talking more rocking” rule which enables us to teach you more usable, practical skills in a shorter time.

Hands-on usage of Python (less talking, more working). During the course you will:

  • Learn about specification and advantages of this language
  • Get familiar with Python development environment
  • Understand how to set up and navigate in a working environment
  • Get basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming
  • Understand python data structures and operations
  • Learn good practices in writing code
  • Find out how to handle exceptions
  • Learn how to generate, aggregate and transform test & demo data
  1. Introduction
  2. Getting started
    • Preparing working environment
    • IDE navigation (PyCharm)
    • Creating Python project
    • Statements, indentations, and comments
    • Managing dependencies
    • Code debugging
  3. Python Operators
    • Arithmetic operators
    • Comparison operators
    • Logical operators
    • Special operators
  4. Loops and statements
    • “if...else” statement
    • “for” loop
    • “while” loop
    • Flow control statements (continue, break, pass)
  5. Methods
    • Function syntax
    • Docstrings
    • Return statement
    • Scope and Lifetime of variables
    • Types of Functions
      • Built-in
      • User-defined
    • Python Modules and packages
  6. Objects and classes
    • class vs object differences
    • Constructors, destructors, and attributes
    • Class methods
    • Encapsulation
    • Inheritance and Polymorphism
    • Static methods
  7. Python data types
    • Numbers and strings
    • List
    • Tuple
    • Set
    • Dictionary + JSON
  8. Python best practices
    • PEP8 standard
    • Self-documented code - docstrings
    • Pylint usage and configuration
  9. Errors and Exception Handling
  10. Workin with data
    • Test data generation
    • Faker library
    • Writing custom generators
    • Data sets manipulations

The course is dedicated to people not having or having little previous experience in programming and several groups can benefit from it, especially:

  • Software Testers
  • Technical Writers
  • Users of different languages
  • People working in the IT field (developers, support)
  • Those who want to start in programming, testing and automation of any kind of repetitive tasks
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