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Test Automation using Python

  • iconLength: 3 days
  • iconFormat: Classroom/on-line
  • iconInstructor: Dawid Pacia
  • iconLanguages: PL/EN
With a good amount of practical knowledge and skills in implementing Python in testers’ work, we’re ready to teach you how to automate tests in an easy and enjoyable way. We’d like to show you a practical approach to using Python as your go-to platform when working with UI and API test automation as well as some useful tools and skills when working with data and BDD approach.
At the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Incorporate good practices in writing tests
  • Understand the structure of Python test frameworks
  • Write and debug tests using Python test frameworks (py.test/unittest)
  • Implement easily maintainable automated REST API tests (requests)
  • Create web and mobile automated tests (Selenium Webdriver)
  • Understand the value of good practices for API and UI testing
  • Find out what the standards for Gherkin are and how to write step definition code
  • Apply readable livinGherkin specifications with Cucumber and step definition code
  • Run basic scenario for real examples (football scores API + Python & behave)
  • Define your own test exceptions
  1. Introduction
  2. Getting started
    • Preparing working environment
    • IDE Navigation (PyCharm)
    • Creating Python project
    • Managing dependencies
    • Code debugging
  3. Writing tests
    • Test frameworks available on the market
    • Introduction to py.test
    • Create your first test
    • Parametrization of test functions
    • Exceptions
    • Specifying / selecting tests
    • Running multiple tests
    • Test reports generation
  4. Testing REST API
    • Required tools installation
    • Requests library
    • Handling HTTP requests
    • Response parsing
    • Hamcrest assertions
    • Flask microframework
  5. Selenium + webdriver
    • Getting driver to run the browser
    • Selectors
    • Basic actions
    • Implementing page object pattern
  6. Python meets BDD
    • BDD basics
    • Gherkin syntax
    • BDD good practices
    • BDD with behave library
    • Behave main structure
    • Behave keywords and steps implementation
    • Context and environment.py maintenance
    • Passing tables and examples to tests
The course is dedicated to people having basic hands-on experience in Python programming, ie. if you know how to use variables, write methods, use classes and are familiar with concepts such as inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, etc. - you’re good to go (if not, don’t worry - we have a course for you here!). Many groups can benefit from the course, especially:
  • Software Testers looking for an easy way to automate tests
  • Software Developers interested in test automation
  • People responsible for the quality of software products - Product Owners, DevOps, Programmers, Consultants, Support Specialists, etc.
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