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Performance testing

Why and when:
You expect or already experienced performance challenges - high peaks in users throughput i.e. during holiday peaks or new product launches, slow response times and page loading times, integration timeouts, etc. You don’t want to build your own performance team and lab but want to benchmark your system against industry standards and competition.

What you get:
Guidance and help with setting up test environment. Detailed performance test reports. Performance test code you can use later by your own. Understanding where your bottlenecks are.

Every system is different, so we start with a detailed understanding of your architecture. If some functional tests already exist - great, we will utilize them to build performance test scenarios and generate test data. Test environment can be either on your premises or in the cloud. Of course we can integrate performance tests with your continuous delivery pipeline too (because everything we do is as code).

Why us:
We are faster than you think. Our previous projects (including those involving AWS, Azure and Google Cloud) gave us possibility to automate the majority of technical tasks. We don’t need extensive infrastructure in place to simulate millions of users - from our experience, a developer’s laptop is sufficient to execute high capacity performance test suite. Performance tests results can be a good start for constant system reliability monitoring - and we can help you with this as well.

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